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About Cutbox

The next generation of barbershops

At Cutbox, we pride ourselves on making our customers look their best with every haircut. We only hire the best barbers who can give you the style you want or advise on what look would suit you best, while our booking platform means you never need to waste time waiting around in store.

We have over 300 5-star reviews and were recently voted the #1 barber chain in Bristol, so you can be assured you’re in good hands.


What we do

We only hire the best barbers and make sure everyone is trained to the same top standard, so you can guarantee you’re getting a great trim every time.



All of our barbers are trained to recommend the best style to suit your look and lifestyle, as well as giving tips on how to maintain it in between cuts.

Men’s Haircuts

Men’s Haircuts

We deal with all hair types, so whether you’re looking for a short back and sides or are keeping it long we can get you looking your best.

Skin Fades

Skin Fades

One of our most popular cuts, our barbers are experienced and able to give the perfect skin fade every single time.

Beard Trims

Beard trims

Complete the look with a sharp beard trim. Available with haircuts or as a service on its own, we offer 15, 30 or 45 minute trims according to beard length.

Our locations

Find your nearest Cutbox

There are currently 4 Cutbox stores across Bristol and London, with a new store opening each month.


What our clients say

All of our stores have a 5* rating across 100s of customer ratings

Who we are

The story behind the barbershop

We’ve always loved the feeling after a fresh trim, but always felt the barbershop experience was sorely lacking. Things like having to wait an hour for the barber we wanted, needing to get cash out to pay or worst of all ending up looking worse than when we first went in. Simply put, we felt that people deserved better.

So we created Cutbox. A place where you’re guaranteed an amazing haircut every single time, with experienced barbers who can offer advice on what style would suit you best, and an easy to use booking system that allows you to book and edit appointments in just a few clicks.

We’re growing fast with one new store launching every month, with the same level of quality across all of our locations, so look out for Cutbox coming to a place near you.